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Rum has continuously grown in popularity as one of the most widely consumed spirits. Yet, despite its decades of existence, this drink continues to evolve and reinvent itself.

One of the allures of Rum is how long it lasts in storage, aside from its distinct flavor and texture. When compared to other spirits, Rum has a very long shelf life.

Is there a bottle of Rum on your bar sitting there for a while? It’s most likely still drinkable. Although the flavor has been ruined by air exposure, it is still safe to consume. Unlike many other foods and drinks, Rum does not degrade when exposed to air; instead, its chemical makeup alters.

Rum is distilled alcohol that is stable. Stable alcohol delivery may be stored for years and still be drank. Even if the bottle has been opened, it will be safe to consume after a few years. It may not be the most delicious flavor, but it won’t make you sick.

The long shelf life of Rum is one of the many benefits of buying it. Continue reading to learn more about Rum and its maturation process.

When it comes to Rum, how long does it last?
How long does it take Rum to wear off? The answer to this query may be influenced by several things, including how your Rum is bottled and kept.

If kept unopened and adequately managed, the flavor of your Rum may endure for over two decades. Although the taste will have changed slightly over time, it should still be palatable.

When a bottle is opened, the aging process is significantly accelerated. As a result, it might take a year or two for the flavor to entirely change.

After you’ve changed your Rum, you can notice that it tastes sour, washed down, or weak. So you might not get the same results as if you drank the alcohol delivery right after buying it.

It’s critical to know the difference between aged and exposed rums. After distillation, Rum can be aged in oak barrels to increase its flavor profile. But, on the other hand, this maturation procedure is not the same as just storing a bottle in your cabinet.

The flavor of the Rum is enhanced as it matures in the barrel due to the wood in the vessel. To age properly, your Rum must come into contact with the grain of this wood. After it’s been bottled, it can’t be aged any longer.

Please keep in mind that these suggestions are solely for pure rums. Flavored rums, such as coconut rum, degrade faster than plain Rum.

If your bottle isn’t 80 proof, it’s most likely a rum-based liqueur with a short shelf life.

How to Store Rum Properly
Rum may be kept in the same manner as any other alcoholic beverage. However, a bottle of Rum should be stored in a cool, dry, airtight container. You can use a liquor cabinet or a plastic storage container to keep your booze. Simply ensure that the container you’re storing it in has very little ventilation.

The temperature in your storage space should be cool but not freezing. Don’t put your Rum in the freezer or the fridge. Keep your Rum at a temperature that is just below room temperature.

Also, avoid storing Rum in a bottle with a pourer. If the container is not well shut, the liquid within will begin to evaporate. In addition, your Rum will become milder due to this procedure since alcohol evaporates faster than water.

Oxidation happens when air enters the bottle, changing the flavor of the whiskey. It will take at least a few years for these two processes to begin altering the taste if the container is sealed, but it can happen in as little as a few months if the container is opened.

If your bottle has previously been opened, keep it closed whenever you are not using it. There’s no need to let your Rum sit around and mature unnecessarily. Instead, cover it with a lid.

Pour the leftover alcohol delivery from your opened bottle into a smaller container to decrease the amount of air.

What Are the Signs That Your Rum Is Ruined?

Rum does not spoil, as previously claimed. To check if the flavor of your Rum has changed, put your nose up to the bottle and sniff it. A rum that has been matured should smell sour. It usually’s okay to drink Rum if it doesn’t have a powerful fragrance.

Look for any signs that your Rum has changed in appearance. Is there something wrong with your bourbon? Is the color the same as when you last looked at it? Is the consistency still there?

If you’ve gone through both of these steps and are still unsure if your Rum is good, you can taste it. In a small cup, pour a small quantity of Rum. Swirl it around on your tongue for a few seconds to detect any weird flavors or sensations.

Always follow these precautions before offering old Rum to your guests. You may not be able to make your coworkers ill, but you can surely make them feel uneasy.

You may still drink your Rum even if the flavor has changed. If you enjoy the taste, you can drink as much as you like. If you don’t like the new flavor, you can return the bottle.

The Rum Aging Process

So, how does Rum become old? As previously indicated, it is aged in oak barrels. Oak gives a superior product compared to other barrels, such as whiskey and bourbon. As a result, light tastes, colors, and textures can be given to the drink when Rum interacts with these woods.

These barrels are often burnt with slight lumps to strengthen the contact between the wood and the Rum. The size of the barrel is also a factor to consider. Rums mature faster in smaller barrels than in more enormous barrels.

Each rum variation, however, is aged differently. Clear rums like Bacardi Silver or Don Q Cristal are aged for at least a year to attain their smoothness. Then they’re carbon filtered to even out the tint, which varies with age.

Each rum firm has its unique maturation method, although these are the most popular. Rums can be aged for two decades or more.

The Service of Alcohol Delivery

Knowing the proper preservation technique for spirits and the period for its flavor is critical, especially given how expensive Rum may become. Rum can get sour or lose its flavor complexity, but it seldom goes wrong. Avoid letting your Rum come into touch with air for the best results.

Don’t hesitate to call J&J Alcohol Delivery to refresh your rum supplies. As we’ve seen today, it effectively lasts forever. So if you get your hands on a limited or unique bottle, you won’t have to worry about spoiling.

It’s understandable why this drink is so popular. It has great taste, is strong, and lasts a long time. Who could be opposed to that?

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